Note: Next La Milonga Firulete is in Aug.

Angela Ruth Manonellas and Andreas Erbsen

On Saturday 4 May 20:00 – 21:30 in La Milonga Firulete, The Hague

Ruth and Andreas are well known international performers and teachers with a grounding in classic Tango de Salón. 
They live in San Telmo, Buenos Aires, and are the owners of the milonga and tango school El Tacuari.

Their school is dedicated to authentic traditional tango and in their classes they place great emphasis on elegance in posture, classic technique and musical expression.

I am very happy to have them teach and perform at La Milonga Firulete!

Theme of the workshop: TANGO DE SALON.

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Milonga Party V (Haagsche Bluf) 26 Aug 2016

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Music: DJ  
Time salon: 21:30 - 01:30 hrs
Entrance: € 5,50
Host: Fred Ormskerk
Location: Dansschool Wim Lier
Address: Scheveningseveer 21, 2514 HB The Hague
Parking € 1,70 per hour (Kortenaerkade and Hogewal) and free parking after 24.00 hours