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Celeste Rey and Sebastian Nieva

Coming up in April
from Buenos Aires (Argentina)
Celeste Rey and Sebastian Nieva

Celeste Rey and Sebastian Nieva are teachers, dancers as well as choreographers of Argentine Tango. They have worked in many different 

tango shows and danced with the company of Juan Carlos Copes.

They participated in the 4th edition of the International Festival San Luis Justo Darac and participated in the tribute paid to the singer Nelly Omar in the theater Luna Park.

They were part of the company Tango and Tango and taught classes among others at:
Piazzolla Tango, Studio Mora Godoy Tango Academy, Well Porteño academy, Aires Tangueros.

In 2010 they worked in Japan, where they took part in numerous dance performances and seminars in various cities such as Nagoya, Osaka, Kyoto, Kobe, Fukuuii and Takayama.

They were contracted in Tokyo in 2011, giving dance performances as well as teaching classes. Following their Japanese visit, they toured through France, Italy and Belgium.

In 2012 they continued a tour through Europe, giving workshops and performances in Italy, Belgium, The Netherlands, Macedonia, Madrid and Portugal.

Participation in the Sgdo. Patagonian meeting of tango follows in 2013, as well as a European tour in March, April, May and June.

Languages spoken: Spanish, English, Japanese and Italian. 

The theme of this workshop:
Walking: change of weight, tempo, contra-tempo, double tempo, pause.
Opposition in X: dissociation of upper body and lower body
Sacadas in circular movement on the dance floor.

Price workshop: € 15,00 p.p.
(price salon € 7,50; salon and workshop € 20,00)

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Milonga Party V (Haagsche Bluf) 26 Aug 2016

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Music: DJ  
Time salon: 21:30 - 01:30 hrs
Entrance: € 5,50
Host: Fred Ormskerk
Location: Dansschool Wim Lier
Address: Scheveningseveer 21, 2514 HB The Hague
Parking € 1,70 per hour (Kortenaerkade and Hogewal) and free parking after 24.00 hours